Thursday, March 3, 2011

treats for your audible.

(10 points to anyone who gets the reference in my title)

anyway. my birthday was last week and as a result i have received a lot of new music, and i want to share some of it with you. some of these are just new-to-me, while some are new-to-all. enjoy.

the civil wars
you may be familiar with the civil wars, you may not be. i first saw them open for another nashville musician a year or so ago when they just started as a duo. they were recently on leno performing their new single "barton hollow" and their debut album, out a week or two ago, was the #1 album on itunes for the whole week.

nick flora
my roommate is a good friend of nick's and she sang bgv's on his newest album, "hello stranger". quirky and charming, i highly recommend you get this record. here's a little promo video he did for it:

patrick watson
somehow i ended up with one of his songs on my itunes. i have no idea how; i'm guessing it was part of a compilation or free download somewhere. anyway, i liked the song so when my brother gave me an itunes gift card, i purchased the whole album.

trent dabbs
if you don't know trent's music, then that needs to change. now. he just released a new album called "southerner" and i can't get enough of it. here's his first single off the record:

the head and the heart
my friend taylor told me about this band awhile back, but i never got around to listening to them until last week. i bought the album on a whim and i'm addicted. here's a live version of the first two tracks:

stacy lantz
i have the privilege of calling stacy my friend and my roommate, and this past week she put a few new songs up on youtube. take a listen then go get her album on itunes.
(note: if you search for her around youtube, don't get her confused with stacey lantz. not the same person. definitely not the same talent.)

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