Friday, March 4, 2011

friday photos: 2011.8 & 9

so i missed a week of posting photos, but i did not miss in taking them. so here we go. two weeks' worth:

friday, february 18

a group of my friends
and i spent most of the day
chatting in haiku

saturday, february 19

another day, another latte.

sunday, february 20

72* and a blue sky = day at the park.

monday, february 21

rooney at exit/in

tuesday, february 22

defending the countryside can be exhausting.

wednesday, february 23

sometimes there are no words.

thursday, february 24

my birthday was on president's day, thus this card from stacy.

friday, february 25

trent dabbs album release show. you should go buy "southerner".

saturday, february 26

another gorgeous day called for a little frisbee with regan's dog molly.

sunday, february 27

an oh-so-exciting sunday evening.

monday, february 28

monday's survival kit: mocha and music.

tuesday, march 1

"in like a lamb..."

wednesday, march 2

a rose up close doesn't so much look like a rose anymore.

thursday, march 3

game night.

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