Friday, February 18, 2011

friday photos: 2011.7

friday, february 11

posted some new journals to my etsy.

saturday, february 12

my mom came to visit for the weekend. one of the kids from her school colored this for me.

sunday, february 13

our friend graham, on our fridge, leftover from this

monday, february 14

valentines from co-workers and family.

tuesday, february 15

when i took the picture of graham on sunday, i had no idea i was going to wake up to this on tuesday. i think stacy is to blame.

wednesday, february 16

it was a gorgeous day outside, so i had to go sit on the patio at frothy.

thursday, february 17

"[my] secret wish: coffee with holly frees in which 'photooftheday' is taken" - hh

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