Friday, February 4, 2011

friday photos: 2011.5

friday, january 28

spring has sprung at hobby lobby.

saturday, january 29

i babysat rachel, who is almost two years old. this was her reaction to me telling her NOT to smile.

sunday, january 30

my roommates and i went for a walk through the park and saw this teabag hanging from a weeping willow.

monday, january 31

this was the result of me remembering last-minute that i needed to take a picture for the day.

tuesday, february 1

my roommate, kirsten's, artwork. this is dyed cloth.

wednesday, february 2

we went nostalgic at the office and created old-school bags for collecting valentines.

thursday, february 3

the civil wars at the basement. i'm short and i was at the back of the venue. when music is this good, you don't need to see.

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