Monday, March 23, 2009

well friends, it's official.

after months of looking for a place to live, i am finally officially locked in. between finding places that were either too expensive of a deposit, too skeezy of an area, or where the people just never emailed me back, i'm set. the lease was signed saturday. the deposit was paid today. i have a home.

the funny thing is, despite all the not-knowing, and despite it not being official until today (when i'm left with one week before i have to be out of the current place), i never really was stressed about it. kinda weird. but i'm okay with that.

in other news, i like coffee. a lot. i think i have a problem. not only do i like coffee, i like coffee shops. friday i went to a place in east nash called ugly mugs. and spent about three hours there. saturday i met up with my friend erin and we went to fido for a couple hours. sunday i met up with my friend erin and her friend kirsten and we went to fido for a couple hours. today i came to fido and i've been here for a couple hours. erin and stacy stopped by.

the nice thing is, once i move, these coffee shop trips will be reduced from a ten mile drive to less than a mile walk. i'm excited.

i feel like this blog was 74% useless.

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  1. coffee is amazing. I wish we had cool coffee shops in Maine.