Thursday, March 12, 2009

a clean slate, so to speak.

had an interesting conversation with a co-worker yesterday. now, before i go any further allow me to explain that said co-worker and i are on a somewhat friend level, take frequent (read: weekly) lunch breaks together, and apparently don't have a whole lot to hide from each other. or something. but anyways, we were on our weekly lunch trip with his sister (who is a friend of mine) and the two of them were talking about the way different people in their family look down on them for different things, and it got brought up that "everyone has a vice. everyone has something 'bad' they don't want others to know about". that being said...

-i don't gamble.
-i drink, but i don't get drunk.
-i'm a virgin.
-i don't "take care of business myself" to put it the way said co-worker did.
-i've never done any sort of drug
-i never drank prior to my 21st birthday
-i've never been in a fist fight (exception: self-defense against my brother)

said co-worker had a very hard time believing that all of the above was true. apparently i shattered his worldview.

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