Friday, October 17, 2008

homecoming, part one

here i am at 6:45am on friday morning. i just got out of the shower and i'm sitting in my towel because i can't decide what to wear. my windows are open, and so it is quite frigid in my home, seeing as it's only 50-something degrees outside right now. i look out my window and i see the green leaves (these particular trees don't 'color' well) and through their sparseness i can see the rolling hills and fog of the world to my east.

i had asked my manager to take half of today off so that i can get up to anderson in time for the l'ami alumni dinner, and she told me to just work from home this morning... not gonna argue with that.

i need to get dressed. i need to pack. i need to clean. i need to look up contract dates and monthly fees and other audit information.

but more than that, i need to escape. i need to leave nashville. i need to leave the big city. i need the open road. i need the friends and familiar faces i have not seen in so long. i need anderson. i need homecoming. i need the rest and relaxation.

homecoming always comes at the perfect time for me.

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