Friday, February 1, 2008

it's time...

i need new computer. this one hs officilly bit the dust.

besides the fct tht the bttery holds no chrge, the power cord is broken nd thus continues to fll out every ten minutes, i hve now come cross nother problem.

you've probbly been noticing tht something is missing from this entry. something tht looks little like the first letter of the lphbet.

well, it's not just the first letter either. it's lso the lst letter of the lphbet nd the letter tht comes between p & r.

nd the number tht is less thn 2 but greter thn 0.

nd the tb button. you know, the one tht indents things. nd the delete key. nd the down key.

they re ll there, they ren't missing from my keybord, it's just tht nothing hppens when i press them.

except i don't hve money for new computer. such is life.

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