Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Birthday Post

Well, I thought I'd go ahead and write my entry about turning 25 while I had access to a computer with which I could type all the letters.

I know everyone (or so it seems to me) goes through a little bit of a "quarter-life crisis" when they turn 25. I went through that a little bit this past week leading up to my birthday. A lot of people I've talked to seem to think that they didn't accomplish everything they wanted to accomplish by the time they turned 25. I don't think I had this problem. I think for me, it was just that I felt like I wasn't making the most of my 20's, or making the most of my time being young and single and not "tied down". But I just got back from Fido (great local coffee shop) where I did some birthday journaling, and I realized that I am living the 20's pretty well.

Here's a list of good 20's memories:

-The day Ryan and Lisa and I randomly drove from Anderson, IN to Lousiville, KY for no reason at all. When we left Anderson we were planning on just going shopping in Indianpolis, but the trip took on a life of it's own. We spent the night in a sleezy Motel 6 and went back to Anderson the next day. We didn't even do anything in Kentucky while we were there.
-Similar to the above, when Lisa and I went down to Tulsa for spring break to visit Ryan, and we drove to Arkansas and back in one day, then to Texas and back the next, and finally to Kansas and back, just to visit some different states. Again, we didn't really do much once we got to those states.
-Sophomore and Junior year of college, joining AUCME - a worship team where we traveled to churches in the Michigan/Indiana/Ohio/Kentucky/Pennsylvania area and stayed at church members' homes. So much fun.
-Going to Jamaica, London, Italy, and Japan
-Joining L'amifidel - it was so outside of my comfort zone and I made some great friends
-The Mercy House internship, summer '05 - probably the most life-changing 2 months of my life. I really don't think I could find the words to explain how important that summer was to me.
-Moving to Nashville, TN, where I only knew one person in the city, and did not have a place to live or work until after I got here, and I only had $500 to my name when I made the move.
-Traveling five hours one way and not getting any sleep, and "camping out" in 30-degree weather, just to see my favorite band. For the second time on the same tour.

I could probably go on, but who wants to spend their whole birthday on a computer? Not me!

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