Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Well I didn't finish as soon as I thought I would but I'll continue now.

On Sat my mom and I went to the mall and then we tried to go to a concert but the restaruant/bar was overbooked (apparently you need reservations which we didn't have). Then it got icy out so we didn't do much else that night. Sunday we went out to eat at Outback and they gave me a free sundae that I shared with mi madre.

Monday's birthday celebration consisted of eating half of the piece of cheesecake that my mom bought me from Cheesecake Factory. Then Tuesday I went to Regan's concert (she did great by the way, regardless of her lost keychain - which I just now found out is no longer lost, yay!) which wasn't at all related to my birthday but I'm saying it was. I celebrated with an ameretto sour.

Then Wednesday was my actual birthday and also LOST night. So at work one of the babies shares my b-day and for 1st birthdays (Abigail turned 1) we celebrate by giving the babies cupcakes (messy, but cute) and so I had a cupcake at work. And then I went out to eat with a former co-worker and her sister, had a jack and coke (which later made me really sleepy). Then I went to Stacy's to watch LOST and she and her roomates made me a FUNFETTI cake and bought me some cool journals (one has GRAPH paper, how awesome is that?) and some fun earrings. Then of course LOST, but I have to say it was a pretty boring episode, especially for how hyped up it had been. And I started falling asleep towards the end, thanks to the jack and the boringness of the episode and the fact that I had been up since 5am.

Thursday I celebrated by having leftover funfetti cake for breakfast and another cupcake at work (Audrey turned one on Thursday). Then on Friday I ate the rest of the cheesecake.

I made up for all the bad eating by not having much of an appetite at all this past week.

Anyway, that was my birthday week. I hope you all get to have a week long birthday.

Oh! I forgot to mention that I had the WARMEST birthday ever! My birthday was 72 degrees and I enjoyed drinking a cold Starbuck's beverage on their patio whilst wearing capris and a T-shirt! AMAZING!

Today was just as nice and I went to Fido (local coffee shop) and sat outside whilst reuniting with a high school friend who was in town.

Okay I've rambled on for too long now.

OH! And Happy Late Birthday to Mel Oesch!

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