Friday, August 25, 2006

Not having internet has not been an easy thing. Today I went to the library to use their internet so I could turn in stuff for my independant study and they are closed on Friday. So now I'm at Starbucks and I had to buy a drink and then I had to buy a day pass thing for $10 to use the 'net. I never knew that before. Otherwise I would have hit up Panera. Ah well... onto some good news:

~I officially am employed! I had a job offer on Wednesday (that's right, only three days into my move) and I actually turned them down for a different job that was offered to me today. At the school I turned down I would have been working with 16-24 month olds and at the school I am working at I'll be floating between two of their FOUR infant rooms. I'll be working with babies that are 6 weeks to 6 months old. And this school has a 401k which the other didn't. And they are giving me health/vision/dental insurance. So woohoo for that. I start Monday.


~Today I was approved for the apartment I want. I can't move in until September 26th though, but still. My own apartment! Exciting times my friends, exciting times.

So that means at least a month until I have regular access to internet again. In the meantime I'm thankful for my laptop and wireless card and for a big city with lots of coffee shops that have internet.

I'm loving Nashville, even though I haven't really done anything yet that I couldn't have done in Anderson.

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