Monday, January 2, 2012

friday photos: 2011.52

i realize it's not friday, but with 2011 ending on a saturday, i wanted to get all the last few pictures into one post. so, here's the end of my 2011 project 365. stay tuned, though, because i've decided to continue through 2012.

friday, december 23

planes, trains, and automobiles.

saturday, december 24

christmas eve fire in the fireplace. apologies to santa; i hope he didn't burn his butt.

sunday, december 25

a sears tower ornament my brother got me from the christkindlmarket.

monday, december 26

libby and i have been friends since 1986. she found this picture i drew her approximately 20 years ago and gave it back to me this christmas. sadly, my drawing has not improved and my handwriting has gotten worse.

tuesday, december 27

my reward for getting my chores done for the day.

wednesday, december 28

things found while cleaning my desk at work.

thursday, december 29

catching up with an old college friend.

friday, december 30

new shoes for the new year.

saturday, december 31

and the creepiest picture of the year award goes to..... the lovely ladies i spent my nye with.

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