Friday, April 1, 2011

friday photos: 2011.13

friday, march 25

i enjoy winning things.

saturday, march 26

the swamp tigers attended taylor and kaitlin's engagement party.

sunday, march 27

abandoned crafts.

monday, march 28

wine, good tv, and a bunch of blankets are sometimes the perfect end to a long day.

tuesday, march 29

3rd & lindsley & lightning 100's birthday bash:
tyrone wells, ks rhoads, griffin house, cary brothers, erin mccarley, josh hoge, carey ott, gabe dixon, katie herzig, andrew belle, & trent dabbs.
it was way too far past my bedtime for me to care that the picture isn't great.

wednesday, march 30

i posted this on facebook, and regan was the only one to correctly guess the object of this photo: the light coming in through the crack in the doorway.

thursday, march 31


and that successfully completes the first quarter of the year. wow.

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