Thursday, November 11, 2010

a weekend in the mountains.

i know that tomorrow is photo friday, but this post would not do my weekend justice if i did not include pictures.

my roommate is a nanny, and the family she works for owns a cabin in maggie valley, north carolina. so a group of us went out there to spend the weekend away from the city, away from the busyness of our lives, and away from internet and phone service. it was incredible.

we got to the cabin late, around midnight friday night. when we woke up saturday morning, this was our view:

thankfully, all five of us loved snow. we were acting like kids on christmas morning.
this was the walkway up to the cabin:

after our pancake breakfast, we all headed into the mountains to go for a hike. we hiked the boogerman trail. it was so snowy and gorgeous.

and we were all acting a little silly...

on our way out of the park we drove through a meadow with about two dozen elk.

we got back to the cabin, made a fire in the wood burning stove, drank wine, and played clue (it was colonel mustard with the rope in the hall).

sunday morning we cleaned up the cabin and headed back towards nashville. we drove through the cherokee reservation and then went to the top of clingman's dome - the highest point in the smoky mountains.

it's been in the 70's this week in nashville, and i already miss the snow. being out there this weekend made my roommate and i want to come home and decorate for christmas. (but don't worry, we haven't... yet.)

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