Monday, September 27, 2010

september's silence

i haven't had much to say this month. it's been a pretty busy month, but busy in a good, relaxing kind of way, rather than a stressful, hectic business. i was busy enjoying the last few days of summer, and eagerly anticipating the cooler weather that seemed to take it's sweet time getting here. today is the first day i can wear a hoodie, and as of friday it was still in the mid-to-upper 90's here in nashville. i hate heat, and love fall, so i was ready to see those high temperatures go.

so what have i been busy doing? so far this month i've had the privilege to attend 10 concerts* (with two more scheduled this week, that'll be 12 total this month). i've made new friends, i plan to have read 4 books by the end of the month, attended two documentary screenings (children of war and the country club - both highly recommended), a benefit for exile international, volunteered with extreme makeover: home edition, spent a weekend in kentucky for a family wedding, and hosted a jewelry party for my friend deanna.

it's been a good month. but october has been a long-time favorite of mine, and i know this year will be no exception. i'm really looking forward to everything i have planned for the month, as well as all the surprises and curve-balls life will inevitably throw.

*i use the term "concert" quite loosely. this doesn't necessarily mean paying lots of money to see a well-known band. it also includes several free outdoor shows of local bands, or friends gathered around in a living room for a house show, etc. welcome to nashville.

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