Tuesday, November 24, 2009

i kind of feel like a hypocrite, but...

i highly recommend that you buy seth philpott's new ep off itunes. now.

so, one may wonder, what about that makes me a hypocrite? well, i haven't bought it yet. 'cause he's got a show here in nashville soonish and i'm hoping he'll have a physical ep i can pick up there. and if not, then i'll buy the ep. but i already own a different three track ep, "the busted souls ep" he gave out at another show a few months back. so i know how amazing he is, and i know that you'll love him.

[edited 12/22/09: so seth had a twitter contest giving away his e.p. and i won. so i got a digital copy of it. and loved.it. and then he had a show in nashville and i bought a physical copy. go old school.]

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