Monday, August 17, 2009

a glass can only spill what it contains

sunday in church we talked a lot about conflict. i had always considered myself as one who tends to avoid conflict. but leave it to randy to turn things upside down on me. he started talking about how there are people who say they hate conflict and so they push everything down inside until if finally explodes. in the past he has used the illustration of trying to hold a beach ball under water... you can only hold it there for so long before it jumps back up and breaks the tension of the water's surface.

and that, my friends, is where i am in most of my relationships. obviously some relationships are healthier than others, but i can count several specific times when i have held everything down until i couldn't contain it any longer.

so there you have it. my confession: i need to learn how to confront in love.

a glass can only spill what it contains. what does my glass contain? love?

in other news, i want to congratulate my old* friend libby on her recent move. i it is a breath of fresh air to live in a place where you can really feel at home.

more on that next time... when i blog about my past three years in nashville.

*libby is not old. she's just an old friend. i believe we are going on 23 years of friendship now. crazy.

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