Friday, June 12, 2009

on growth.

allow me to preface this with an obligatory apology for my lack of recent blogging: i'm sorry. there. that's done. moving on.

over the past few weeks i've been thinking about the past year or so, and i am beginning to realize how much i've grown since last summer. i feel as though i have grown significantly in all areas of my life: emotional, professional, spiritual, social. the two biggest areas i think would be professionally and socially.

professionally: without boring you with work info, i'll just say that the majority of the things i do on a daily basis now, didn't even exist a year ago, and some of i am proud to say i came up with on my own. while i don't necessarily have a passion for what i do, i don't hate it and it does interest me, at least a little bit. i am seriously considering taking up an accounting class or two (on the company's dime, of course). as far as the company goes... while we've had our ups and downs, i am still very thankful that i found this job. i have met some great people working there, and there is never a lack of entertainment in the office. and getting to work from home two days a week is a definite bonus. also, my two-year anniversary with the company is coming up in a couple weeks. crazy.

socially: a year ago, i would go to work, come home, talk to my friends in indiana, and go to sleep. that's about it. very rarely would i go out with anyone. i had a few good friends move away at the end of summer, which made it even harder. in the winter i was ready to give up, quit, and head back home or back to anderson. as soon as i made the decision to stay, things seemed to make a 180 turn. i have since met several new friends, and the old friends i had i am forming even closer relationships with. i finally have gotten involved in my church, and that has made a world of difference. one of the friends who moved away last year is back. and most importantly, the move from my isolated antioch apartment to my awesome house on belmont has made a huge difference.

i am very happy with life right now, and i couldn't say that six months ago.

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