Saturday, December 8, 2007

christmas time

It doesn't feel like Christmas time to me yet. I think it's the lack of snow. It just feels weird to not have it.

I've figured out what I'm getting everyone on my list, with the exception of my brother - I just don't have a clue. And two of the gifts (and half of three other gifts) have been purchased. And today I wrote all of my Christmas cards out, I just need to wait until I get paid to go buy all the stamps I'll need.

We had a desk decorating contest at work. I put up a few pictures of myself with a sign that said "Holly Jolly Christmas" and then some icicle lights and a small Christmas tree. I won 6th place and got an extra vacation day! Woohoo!!!

Krista and James visited for a few days this week. I hadn't seen them since their wedding. It was really good to spend time with someone I've known for as long as I have known Krista (It's been over ten years!) and also to get to know James better.

Tomorrow will be my first day working in the nursery at church. It should be fun to be around babies again, especially now that it won't be 40 hours a week.

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