Sunday, June 4, 2006

Here's a story

Yesterday I decided to surprise my former roommate, Stacy, by showing up at her place of employment, Kohl's, in Indy. So I did and it was fun and everything. During her 15 minute break we ran across the street and got Starbuck's, then I did some shopping and she finished working. Then we were going to stop by her parent's house and I was going to kidnap her and bring her to Anderson for the night and then go to church in the morning. My car had other plans. The brakes didn't work! Not like "holy crap I can't stop my car" but more like "okay I can barely stop my car and any further it's not going to stop at all."

I don't know much about cars but for the past month I knew I needed my rotors replaced. But this was something new. My knowledge about cars is evident in the fact that I pulled into a gas station and said to Stacy, "isn't there something called brake fluid" and she had no idea and I said "I think there is. Maybe I'm low on that." So I opened my hood and so no brake fluid compartment. So then I looked in my manual and found where the compartment was. Sure enough I was below the minimum line. So I bought some and filled it up and that didn't help. This was about midnight and to my knowledge there are no brake shops open at midnight on Saturday. So I was stranded at Stacy's house.

This morning her dad took me to Midas and I had to replace one pad, one rotor and two calipers... basically I had to shell out $600.

Yay for me.

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